Calcium carbonate fillers and coating pigments are tailor-made products with highly specific properties. It is no wonder that the quarries of the past are now production facilities with the latest technology. Almost everything is now done automatically, from extraction and processing through packing ready for dispatch.

Omya has mandated that the equipment and processes in our plants meet the highest quality requirements. All Omya plants are ISO 9000ff certified or are in the process of being certified.

However, high-quality equipment alone is not enough.Years of experience in the industry have enabled Omya to manufacture products of outstanding purity, whiteness and particle size distribution. Wherever the highest degree of quality and precision are required–whether in the mill, floatation cell or classifier–Omya makes use of technology which our engineers have developed over many years specifically for the manufacture of fillers.

In spite of all the technology, calcium carbonate is a natural product. It makes a difference whether a filler is made from chalk, limestone or marble since each of these three rocks has specific properties which make it particularly attractive for use in totally different applications.

High Quality

State-of-the-art technology is used to manufacture calcium carbonate products that are tailor-made for a variety of applications.